Friday, January 15, 2016

Dateable Debatable

One of the hardest things to do, even before my "Bering Strait" was out of commission, is dating.
I am a class A, chronic, bad dater.  My previous pattern consisted of trying to date the unattainable (boys who didn't want girlfriends), and lets just say that didn't work...obviously.

At 25 there is a pool of single men left...

My depiction of the Pool of Guys I have to select from.

Okay, now I know what you are thinking, "Wow Kels, Great art work!".....and thank you I worked really hard on it.

So this is what the picture means:

1. The Shallow End: This consist of our good time boys.  They are your weekend warriors; the Hook Up Kings of Oklahoma.  They don't want a serious relationship "right now", which means you. They are normally extremely attractive, and they know it. 

2. The Deep End:  This is the divorced, older men who just want to be married, because they are afraid that they have an expiration date on finding love, and the ones with baby momma's.  There is nothing wrong with being divorced and/or having children with another woman, but if we are going to be real; it's a category.

3. The "Too Young For You" boys:  Being in college at 25 is not an ideal place, actually, it's an extremely awkward place to date.  They all look the same age. It's best to avoid that all together.

4. The Holy Grail of Men: These are the one's that I can only presume I have not met yet.  I can only speculate that they have accents (British ones), volunteer on their free time at the hospital saving children, love traveling the world, and want 31 dogs...and me, of course.  

Things did change when I found out I couldn't have children.  Dating at the age of 25 is not easy.  On top of that, being infertile really makes you question the seriousness of the relationship. 
At this age most of us, not all, want to date to eventually one day get married, but how can I be that selfish.  
To say "Hey if you chose me, kids might not be an option for you but I am sure I will age very well."    I haven't even made a decision if I want to put myself through IVF, or adoption.  
Could I really be that selfish to make another person go through this? 

My mom tells me all the time that it won't matter when he cares.  But is that tricking him if I know I can't and he so-calls "falls in love" with me, and I didn't tell him.  Then what? 
Couples are 3 times more likely to divorce because of infertility. And it would be my fault. 

I am cruel, but I am not that cruel.  

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