Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Doctors Without Boundaries

Figured I would mention a little something about my Camera Pill that I swallowed today.  The prep was like every GI prep; long, cleansing, and hungry.  It went down easy, and I hope it comes out just as easy.  (No I don't have to return the pill).

I look forward to the pictures next week.

Anyways,  so tomorrow at 8:45 in the morning, I have my Pre-Operation appointment with my homegirl, Dr. S.  She is legit. 

Most women understand this, but we have to really trust the doctor that is looking at "our situations".  Normally with the lady doctor, you are only suppose to go in once a year, for the "yearly". 

Dr. S and I have been seeing each other a lot more than that. 
I even shave my legs for her. 
You could say it's getting serious.

Actually now that I think about it... Every doctor in that office have seen my.....business.
It's not very common for me to have both tubes blocked, so they are curious.  I understand that.
But going in consistently since September at least every other week, kind of makes you feel like things that seem so personal, like the inside of your body, is no longer a secret.

When I call, they say to me, "Hey Kelsey, Long time!" 

It's probably not a bragging moment, when the receptionist know you by your voice on the phone. 
It's hard to not feel a certain way when you walk through the halls of the office and you know for fact more than half of the people there have seen...everything...

I wonder if they look at me and they are like, here comes "Blocked Tube Girl", like I am some kind of comic book hero.

The Adventures of Blocked Tubes Girl
....will they ever fix her?

I sure as shit hope so.