Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nervous Guts? No Problem.

Well outside of my lack of baby-making ability, I have had a little bit of a stomach problem.
(As I mentioned previously in my blog)
I had the white one. 
The CameraPill...remember?
Well the lovely Paula, from Dr. N's office, called today on my way to class today.  She explained that the CameraPill was a little unsure and they can never really tell with the pictures.
Which has been a very common response I have been getting from these wonderful tests.

I still need to get those pictures hopefully in JPEG form.
I know you are curious of what this pill looked like, and the very sexy get-up.
So here you go:

The Get-Up. 

And I am not 100%, but I'm pretty sure it has exited the aircraft safety.
That will always be one of Kelsey's Biggest Mysteries: CameraPill, Did you ever come out? 

Anyways, they had executively determined that I have overactive nerves in my guts.

That was her exact words, "overactive nerves in my guts".
I don't even think I know exactly what that means.

She has slightly explained a few very intense medical words that had way too many vowels for a normal word.  Then, said that I would have to start taking this medicine that old people use to take to help manage the pain in my abdomen.

She did tell me it will help me sleep, and God knows, I need that.

We will give it a month to see if it helps.
I am going to be positive about it because, I know it's mostly about mindset.

In all honesty,  I will be thankful for any relief.
I am not huge on showing weakness or complaining, but
This really sucks. 

I know I can overcome this.
But right now it does it sucks.  I want to eat spicy sushi, and drink a Bloody Mary, without vomiting.
I want to eat sweets without having to lay down for 30 minutes like I am waiting to get in the pool.

The positive side is that because I don't want to risk eating all this food in fear of vomiting; I have lost a lot of inches and am in probably in the best shape of my life.

So when people ask me how I lost the weight....
I tell them Get a "GI problem" 

In all seriousness, I don't wish this on anyone.

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