Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Let's Get It On (On With it Remix)

I am back to feeling like myself again.

A little obnoxious,  kind of outspoken, and extremely awkward.

I still need to take a real shower, but one thing at a time.


I  have a surgery date.

T, The real MVP Nurse calls; her causal tone is always very comforting
"Kels? Pen that 22nd date in we are good to go."

February 22nd, 2016.

19 days.

I am so ready.  I will be able to get ahead with all my classes, and be able to focus on not ripping out my catheter out.

I have never had one before. I am interested to see if I can feel myself going or it's just like oh surprise, you're going.

Yes catheter means what we feared, I'll have to at least stay in the torture chamber overnight. I'm not a fan at staying overnight in the hospital.
It smells weird. 
You end up with like 48 blankets that were once warm on top of you. 
You always get this sniffle, cold thing when you leave that last for 24 hours because everyone in that place is swarming with germs.
The whole thing ends up being a mess. 
And we already know I do super terrible on medications from the doctors.

It's cool, I am excited to get this done.
I am ready to start healing.
But, after today I know that I can seriously get through this and be better for it.

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