Thursday, February 18, 2016

T-Minus 4 Days Until The Extraction

I am not going to lie.

I have started to seriously panic about this whole surgery ordeal.

It helps, that I am moderately hung over today, which means I slept like a baby last night.

What doesn't help is that I think I had a conversation with someone last night, and I don't remember if it actually happened.

If it did happen..I think I might have either some explaining to do..

or....act like it never happened.

The disadvantages of having realistic dreams.

I think I am going to go with option 2.

Well I am just in this point  now that I am worried about my body image, the healing process, and how many things that I am going to be missing out on, or things that will completely disappear from my life because of this.

By that I mean, humans, obviously.

I am doing this 5-Miles a day thing before I can't work out anymore.
I am hoping that it will make me so fit that, I will be distracted from the giant smiley-face stitching on my stomach.
I have been discussing getting a tattoo put over top of the gnarly scar such as a life like depiction of my mom peeking over my panty-line to fend off intruders.

I am a little worried about school, more so than usual.
I know it's only a week out, but being as anal-retentive about trivial things as I am....We are lucky if I don't try to do school work as soon as I wake up in the hospital.
I hope every one in my groups are ready for me to blow.their.shit.up.

If I am not smart or don't get that proving piece of paper, then what else am I?

I am not a super model.
I am instrumentally-challenged.
I am a terrible public speaker.
I am dyslexic.

I need that piece of paper, yo.

I did my acceptance to graduation letter.

They did let me know that I better keep my GPA up or I'm out...In BRIGHT RED letters.  Thanks Graduation office.  Thanks for reminding me that I use to do really shitty in school.

Now I just have to say focused on the good things, like being able to draw, and having olive skin in the dead of winter.  Not the negative things like losing my awesome butt, and potentially having to get a tattoo of my mom peeking over my panty-line.

At least I'll never be on Maury for finding out who my baby's daddy is. 

See, things are already looking up.

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